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Sobibor by Jean Molla is a novel for teens about finding out why your family is so messed up



by Jean Molla


A powerful and disturbing novel that deals with eating disorders and the shadow of the past.

“I did it so they’d stop me,” Emma said, when she was caught stealing biscuits from a supermarket. But Emma is hiding behind her tough words and her waif-like body…

Emma is sixteen and anorexic. Why does she do it? Is it her parents’ indifference, the long family silences, the lies they tell each other? Emma wants to know. She wants to understand.

When she discovers an old notebook in her grand-parents’ house, disturbing secrets emerge that demand an answer.


“Once you start one of Molla’s books, you can’t put it down. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll have been moved to tears.” Le Monde


About the author

Jean Molla was born in Oujda, Morocco in 1958 and studied literature and tourism in France where he now teaches literature in a college in Poitiers. He began writing in 2000, before the birth of his third son and has published several novels for children and young people including: The Wizards’ Duel and The Knight of Three Faces (Rageot), Djamila (Grasset), The World Trap (Gallimard Jeunesse).



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