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Tracks: Racing the Sun


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Tracks: Racing the Sun

by Sandro Martini

  • based on the true story of rivalry between champions
  • historical fiction about the early days of motor racing
  • Appeals to major automotive fan base (Top Gear, Formula 1)


In this epic novel about the motor-racing heroes of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, legendary characters battle to win incredible races on switchback roads along the edges of ravines. Exploring the relationships between the champions as much as the sporting events themselves, this is a thrilling tale based on true rivalries, triumphs and disasters during a fascinating period in European sporting history.



“the splendour of the world has been enriched by a novel beauty; the beauty of speed.” The Futurists

“Martini writes about the dawn of motor racing, a violent and treacherous sport where men serviced their addiction to speed and etched their names in history. Enjoy riding with the greats, it’s a rush.” Ben Collins, aka The Stig from BBC’s Top Gear

“Every fan of motor racing should read this book. How the legendary Italian drivers of the past forged the sport we love today with blood and bone.” Mario Andretti, motor sport legend

“A great read! An incredible tale of skill and courage based on true events.” Alex Baldolini, 250cc/moto2 WSS rider

“Meticulously researched, beautifully crafted, and a captivating read from beginning to end.” The Historical Novel Society

About the author

Sandro Martini is a seasoned journalist who has worked in Italy and the USA. He has spent years researching the facts and creating a story which tells us much about men, their addiction to speed and the love of the machine at a particular time in history.



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