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Vincent van Gogh


by Hodge, Susie | The arts
Hardback | 96 pages, Hardback with jacket

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The arts
Published 01/11/2019 by Arcturus Publishing Ltd in the United Kingdom as part of the Arcturus Great Artists Series series
Hardback | 96 pages, Hardback with jacket

Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh’s distinctive style of expressive brushstrokes and bold colors is now world famous. However, during his lifetime the artist was met with cold disinterest from his contemporaries.

Susie Hodge’s book explores the fascinating life story of this tortured soul, who came late to art and suffered from anxiety and depression. It unravels the influences behind his artworks. From the luminous landscapes of the south of France to the Japanese woodblock prints he so admired, Hodge explores how he developed his own unique style.

This detailed monograph features Van Gogh’s major works and examines the light they shed on this enigmatic character, serving as a wonderful introduction to one of the best artists of all time.


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