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We, the Survivors


by Aw, Tash | Bangladesh
Paperback | 336 pages

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Published 19/03/2020 by HarperCollins Publishers (Fourth Estate Ltd) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 336 pages

Ah Hock is an ordinary, uneducated man born in a Malaysian fishing village and now trying to make his way in a country that promises riches and security to everyone, but delivers them only to a chosen few. With Asian society changing around him, like many he remains trapped in a world of poorly paid jobs that just about allow him to keep his head above water but ultimately lead him to murder a migrant worker from Bangladesh.

In the tradition of Camus and Houellebecq, Ah Hock’s vivid and compelling description of the years building up to this appalling act of violence told over several days to a local journalist whose life has taken a different course is a portrait of an outsider like no other, an anti-nostalgic view of human life and the ravages of hope. It is the work of a writer at the peak of his powers.


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