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Windfall : The Booming Business of Global Warming


by Funk, McKenzie | Mathematics & science
Paperback | 310 pages

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Mathematics & science
Published 27/01/2015 by Penguin Putnam Inc (Penguin USA) in the United States
Paperback | 310 pages

“In ‘Windfall’ McKenzie Funk, an intrepid American journalist, reports on the lesser-known victims and profiteers of climate change [and] brings a dizzyingly abstruse phenomenon down to a more human scale…It turns out that climate change is rather like the financial crisis. Those who may have caused it with their emissions are likely to profit most from it, and the gulf between the world’s rich, who can protect themselves from its worst effects, and the poor, who cannot, will only widen.”
— The Wall Street Journal (PDF)

“In Windfall, McKenzie Funk introduces us to people betting money on our dear planet’s decimation. Spoiler: They’re rich.”

“Climate change may well be humanity’s greatest challenge, but here McKenzie Funk offers definitive evidence that it’s also a great way to make a buck. Windfall is a gripping account of how banks, energy companies, engineers, and entrepreneurs have turned a global crisis into a golden opportunity, harvesting short-term profits while sowing the seeds of future ruin. It’s an engaging, infuriating, and important story about the way the world works now, and about the reasons it may not work at all tomorrow.”
— Eric Klinenberg, author of Heat Wave and Going Solo


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