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by Davis, Davey | Fiction & related items
Paperback | 230 pages

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X by Davey Davis

Davey Davis’ electrifying novel about the creeping reality of political terror, and the violent pleasures found in Brooklyn’s queer heartlands. Part noir, part erotic thriller, X is a vivid, darkly funny novel of those living on the margins of an increasingly hostile society.

Davey Davis’ book is a must-read.

Discontented, amateur sadist Lee spends their days working for a big corporation and their nights searching the warehouses and dungeons of Brooklyn. Davis’ novel centres around mysterious, seductive, and bloodthirsty X. The US government has started exporting people. People such as migrants, refugees, sex workers and queers, and Lee has heard X might be among those about to disappear.

As their obsession with X grows, Lee becomes further enmeshed in the dramas of the city’s queer community. Davis has Lee following former flames, playmates, clients, best friends, and accidental accomplices through damp and shining bars. It is by doing this that X looks for any lead that might bring them closer to X, before she vanishes.

What others are saying about X by Davey Davis…

‘This Novel Is a Sex-Positive Odyssey into New York’s Queer Underground’ -Another

‘“X” will leave you, in the same way it leaves its narrator, wondering: What are you ignoring? What can’t you admit to yourself? And is it already too late, or have you just given up?’-The New York Times

Fiction & related items
Published 27/10/2022 by Cipher Press in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 230 pages


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